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TitleMini-Bus Drivers and Substitute Drivers
Posting IDBus Driver

 Mini-Bus Drivers and Substitute Drivers


Wesleyan School is looking to employ bus drivers for our shuttle service that we offer to our students. In the morning, this would entail picking up a 14-passenger mini-bus from Wesleyan School, driving to your selected pick up location, and driving the students back to Wesleyan. Afternoon bus drivers will pick up a 14-passenger mini-bus from Wesleyan, pick up students in the carpool line, drop students off at the designated drop off location, and drive the bus back to Wesleyan. The morning time-frame for this job is approximately 6:15 a.m-7:45 a.m., while the afternoon route time-frame is approximately 2:45 p.m.-4:15 p.m. Both morning and afternoon time-frames are always subject to traffic conditions, weather conditions, etc. Compensation is approximately $30-$40 per route, depending on the assigned route. This position reports directly to the Transportation Coordinator.

  • There are no benefits associated with this job, as it is a part time job.


  • Safely operate school mini-buses on scheduled routes both within and outside the school boundaries in accordance with Federal, State, and Local laws, as well as Wesleyan School policies
  • Inspect school mini-buses and equipment (flat tires, lights, heat, air, etc.) prior to departure each morning and afternoon, if applicable. Report any maintenance issues directly to the Transportation Coordinator
  • Maintain control of student passengers to ensure safety and report to the Transportation Coordinator any unsafe acts or conditions which require the attention of any person other than the driver
  • Complete forms, records, and reports as required by the state or school policies
  • Ability and knowledge to operate all school mini-bus equipment and accessories including, but not limited to, fire extinguishers, highway warning kits, first aid kits, etc.
  • Perform basic first aid as appropriate, which may include CPR
  • Communicate appropriately with students, parents, and school personnel
  • Participate in bus training and CPR training prior to the start of the school year



  • Minimum age 21
  • High School diploma or GED equivalent
  • Valid Georgia Driver’s License with a clean driving record
  • Must meet the physical and mental standards necessary to perform the duties, tasks, and responsibilities of a school mini-bus driver as described in this job description
  • Sufficient command of the English language to communicate with students, parents, and school staff members regarding all aspects of job-related activities
  • Sufficient strength and agility to assist ill or physically impaired students to enter or exit a school mini-bus through the passenger service door
  • Sufficient ability to move about in an overturned bus as required by aiding students in evacuating the bus
  • Sufficient hearing capability to detect and distinguish traffic sounds occurring from any direction outside the bus, such as horns, whistles, sirens, trains, bells, etc., from a distance which will allow adequate time and defensive or evasive action to avoid a hazardous situation
  • Possess a grounding in the Christian faith and support of the Christian mission of Wesleyan School


Questions before applying? Email Lacy Gilbert (


Shift TypePart-Time
Salary RangePer Day
LocationWesleyan School

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Start Date06/14/2017

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