Mini-Bus Drivers and Substitute Drivers


Wesleyan School is looking to employ bus drivers for our shuttle service that we offer to our students. In the morning, this would entail picking up a 14-passenger mini-bus from Wesleyan School, driving to your selected pick up location, and driving the students back to Wesleyan. Afternoon bus drivers will pick up a 14-passenger mini-bus from Wesleyan, pick up students in the carpool line, drop students off at the designated drop off location, and drive the bus back to Wesleyan. The morning time-frame for this job is approximately 6:15 a.m-7:45 a.m., while the afternoon route time-frame is approximately 2:45 p.m.-4:15 p.m. Both morning and afternoon time-frames are always subject to traffic conditions, weather conditions, etc. Compensation is approximately $30-$40 per route, depending on the assigned route. This position reports directly to the Transportation Coordinator.





Questions before applying? Email Lacy Gilbert (